BIZOL Technology ATF CVT

BIZOL Technology ATF CVT

• proper friction characteristics even under extreme operating conditions;
• suitable for VW DSG and Ford Powershift;
• excellent wear protection and fuel saving potential.

BIZOL Technology ATF CVT is a high-performance automatic transmission fluid developed specially for the latest generation of Continuosly Variable Transmission (CVT) gear boxes. Selected base oils and a well adjusted additive package protect against foam formation, which is very important for CVT gear boxes. The product has excellent antiaging and anti-oxidation characteristics. BIZOL Technology ATF CVT has been approved for the use in Autotronic gear boxes of the Mercedes A-and-B Class. It is also applicable in many variable automatic transmissions of different manufacturers, among others in Audi Multitronic.

Base Oil: HC-Synthesis

Classifications and Specifications:

MB 236.20

VW G 052 180 / G 052 516

Mini Cooper EZL 799A

Ford CVT 23 / CVT 30 /

Mercon C

Mitsubishi CVTF-J1 /

Diamond SP-III

Suzuki TC / NS-2 /

CVT Green 1

Honda HMMF

Nissan NS 1 / 2 / 3

Hyundai / Kis SP-CVT 1

Subaru NS-2 /

Lineartronic CVTF

Dodge / Jeep NS-2 /